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Powerhouse Sales
Powerhouse Sales
  Powerhouse Sales has a proven track record of delivering what the customer needs when he needs it.

Since 1992 we have supplied electrical generating plants nationwide with Bow Ties, Stagger Studs, Platelets, Boiler Tube Pins, Weld Studs, Refractory Anchors and miscellaneous steel fabricated parts. Most of these parts are shipped to generating plants which are coal fired and Powerhouse Sales - Products have cyclone boilers. Our diverse product line and capabilities, however, make us a valuable supplier for all types of power plants and contractors.

Powerhouse Sales maintains a comprehensive inventory of all products in 304 and 309 stainless steel for just-in-time delivery. Additionally, we keep a large stock of bar and rod in various alloys for parts to be made to the customer's specification. Our night shift fabricates specialty parts after hours. This has proven to be an invaluable resource in the crunch time of an outage.

Browse through our product line. If you are looking for a part not shown call, fax or email your inquiry. We will be more than happy to work up a price and a sample.

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